22 - 25th June

exhibiting at the OXO Bargehouse!

free admission

11am - 6pm


Kingston School of Art

Illustration Animation 2017


-     Manifesto     -


We are more: Illustrator Animators who visually unpick the world around us. We use research, investigation and testing to drive content and context. We look at the world differently. We take small things and look closer. We take the personal and make it more universal and we take the vast and make it more digestible. Some of us look at social issues, at current affairs, at history, at technology. We’re not always experts, but that lets us asks more questions and provide a different way of thinking that creates new platforms. We are natural storytellers who create narrative in the mundane and the extraordinary. The idea drives the process, maneuvering around numerous mediums and applying ourselves across multiple disciplines. We look, we draw, we create, we build, we film, we make things move and give them space. We want things to stick more, stay with you, function for you and resonate within the world. We try to give things a bit more time. We solve problems but we also consider their lasting effects. The way we work is rarely linear: we use play to challenge ourselves more. We edit and focus and provide lenses to see through. We lean on each other and support each other. Our voices together allow us to do more. Through collaboration we are able to understand our perspective in relation to others. This makes us stronger. 

We are more. 


no RSVP needed

we can't wait to see you there



We're at the Bargehouse OXO Tower from the 22nd - 25th June. 



Want to join in some fun activities or hear your favourite artist give a talk? 


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